For the past 6 or 9 months, there has been a Jack Daniel’s Facebook Group Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey that has been controlled at first by someone in Vietnam, and then someone in another part of Asia, that has simply put, been over run by scammers and frauds.


Photos from the 2022 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood are online! We have posted almost 900 photos from Friday’s Stage 2 and Stage 5 action down near Potosi Missouri.

See shots of the likes of Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, and nearly all the competitors who made it through Stages 2 and 5 (sorry if we missed one). You can search through the photos by Last Name and Car Number as well to try to make it easier to find a specific car/driver/navigator. There are a lot of common names in the cars though, so last name isn’t always perfect (3x Block, 2x Gelsomino, countless Smiths, etc).


In a previous post I covered the Uncle Nearest 1820. On previous trips to Lynchburg Tennessee I had tried to stop at the Uncle Nearest Distillery in Shelbyville, but the first time I stopped they were still under construction. The second time I stopped was their opening weekend, but it was still closed for a Green family event. Finally on March 4th of 2022 I was able to make a quick stop into the distillery.


For 2021 the Special Release from Jack Daniel’s is known as the Coy Hill High Proof. It can come from one of two barrel houses up on Coy Hill near Lynchburg, #08 or #13.

While the previous Special Release bottles from Jack Daniel’s have been hard to find, this one saw demand like no other. Secondary prices for the bottle appear to be almost 10x retail. I hate to tell you what I paid for mine, not that much, but not much better.


The time has finally come, time that I finally have, to try to start getting the 2016 Scion FR-S parted out.

Yesterday I got the car unburried from the smaller side of the garage and pulled it into the bigger 2 car bay.

First things first, I got the car up on jackstands, after finding the wheel lock, and took the Konig wheels off the car. David Z picked those up from me yesterday afternoon, so the wheel and tires from the car are gone.


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