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I am a father, husband, leader, software developer, photographer and car guy. I focus on the latest in technology including artificial intelligence (AI), and have spent decades becoming an expert in ASP.NET and DotNetNuke (DNN) development. You will find a variety of posts relating to those topics here on the website. For more information check out the about Chris Hammond page.

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The Chesterfield Falcons had two games the weekend of January 20th, 2024. The AI generated game summaries are below!

Game Summary: Chesterfield Falcons 10UA1 vs Kirkwood Stars 10UA1

Location: Maryville University Hockey Center, Shanahan Rink

Date: Saturday January 20th, 2024

In an exhilarating display of youth ice hockey, the Chesterfield Falcons 10UA1 faced off against the Kirkwood Stars 10UA1 at the Maryville University Hockey Center on the Shanahan rink. The matchup was highly anticipated, especially considering the history of the two teams. In their previous encounters, the Kirkwood Stars had dominated, winning 10-2 and 7-0. However, this game proved to be a stark contrast to their past meetings.


So here we are, another year later. 2023 wasn’t much in terms of riding, but I’ll get to that in a bit. 2023 was quite the adventure from a family perspective. Both my parents were in memory care most of the year, fortunately in apartments side by side. In early summer my father really started struggling, had a couple of falls and spent time in the ER and hospital recovering. By the end of summer he had another couple of falls and ultimately a stroke took him from us.

Overall the family held up well during this time, but it was not without stress and struggle to get through most of the year.

I haven’t actually ridden my bike since September 17th. At that point I still had plans to ride Big Sugar Gravel in Bentonville Arkansas a month later. That didn’t happen, along with Unbound Gravel, I managed to not make either of the scheduled rides I had for the year.

So what did get accomplished on the bike this year? Almost 50% less riding than 2022, and only 1/4 of the riding from 2020! Here’s a simple breakdown.

2023 Bike Riding Stats

37 Rides
507.5 Miles
8,790’ of elevation
42 hours

So overall, a pretty down year! But 2024 will be different! I hope.

I’ve only got one scheduled ride so far this year, but it’s another big one, 100 miles at Unbound Gravel in June.

How am I going to ensure I get to participate this year? Well, hopefully my riding buddies will help me be accountable! Wigs and Wags are both planning on being there, though Wags will be there as our support crew.

Hope to see you out on the bike!

So Unbound Gravel 2024 is coming up, with registrations opening already (depending on your status and distance).

Are you gearing up for the Unbound Gravel 2024? Here’s everything you need to know about registration:

Random Selection Process (Lotto)

Due to overwhelming demand, a random selection process determines participants for the 350-mile, 200-mile, 100-mile, 50-mile, and 25-mile events. Registration is free, but credit card details are required upon application. Charges apply only upon acceptance. More info

Lottery Registration Dates

  • UNBOUND Gravel XL Lottery: December 1-15, 2023.
  • UNBOUND Gravel 200, 100, 50, and 25 Lotteries: January 5-20, 2024.

Life Time Members Early Access

Life Time members, with a minimum of six months’ membership, get early access to event registrations and guaranteed spots in lotteries.

Notification and Fees

Selected participants will be notified by email. Event fees, processing fees, and taxes will be charged upon selection. Entry fees for various distances are yet to be determined.

Registration Rules

Only one application per person is allowed. Special consideration is given to multi-time finishers nearing the 1,000 Mile Club status. Life Time members with a qualifying membership duration can bypass the lottery.

Deferral Policy

Participants can defer their entry to the following year, with varying fees based on how far in advance the deferral is requested. No refunds or transfers are allowed. (deferred registration was November 2023, and is closed now)

Alternative Entry Options

Apart from the lottery, you can gain entry by collaborating with charity partners, signing up for UNBOUND Gravel Training Camp, or opting for a coaching package. Volunteering at the event also offers future participation benefits.

Stay tuned for more updates and start planning your journey to one of the most challenging and rewarding gravel events in the world!

The 2023 Special Release from Jack Daniel’s brings us another heritage barrel selection, and another twice barreled offering (like 2022) at the same time.

This year’s edition is a Rye, first barreled in new oak barrels, then followed up with a second maturing session in some extra toasty heritage barrels.