In November 2019, I took a Friday off to drive down to Memphis Tennessee to pick up some things for my Jack Daniel’s Collection, on the way to/from I listened to some episodes of The Forward, a podcast from Lance Armstrong. One of the guests on an episode was Rip Esselstyn, author of the Engine2Diet book, and the 7 Day Rescue diet. You can find him in documentaries such as Forks over Knives and The Games Changers, as well as at PlantStrong.

I wasn’t actually thinking that I would be changing my diet or trying anything new, but the conversation that Rip had with Lance was intriguing and motivated me to look further into what Rip was preaching. The short of it, Rip preaches the benefits of following a whole food plant based diet. Basically Vegan everything, but cutting back, or removing, processed foods. After my road trip I got back and purchased Rip’s book, The Engine 2 7 Day Rescue Diet on Kindle. This was Mid-November, right before Thanksgiving and the Holidays. I decided I was going to read the book, and once complete, I would give this diet a chance.

I’ve been threatening for months that I was going to have a whiskey tasting event, this past Friday I finally did it. This post contains an overview of how I planned, how the event went and what lessons learned for future events.



In the fall of 2019 rumors started swirling online of a new release available at the White Rabbit Bottleshop in Lynchburg, of a Before and After set. Two bottles of unmatured Old No. 7, one BEFORE Charcoal Mellowing and one AFTER Charcoal Mellowing, along with a small bottle of Hard Sugar Maple Charcoal in between the two bottles. The BEFORE bottle on the left, the AFTER on the right.


For 2019 Jack Daniel’s has brought their holiday (advent) calendar across the pond to the United States! They’ve also made it available elsewhere around the globe this year as well, where I believe primarily over the past couple of years it was only available in the UK (I could be wrong on that fact).

With the release of Jack Honey and Fire over the past 10 years, it was time for Jack Daniel’s to catch the apple train and release their own Tennessee Apple Liqueur. I was able to get some here in Missouri earlier this fall from

The 750ml bottle comes in the usual Jack Daniel’s shape with a green gold and white label. The front of the bottle reads:

Jack Daniel’s

Original Recipe

Tennessee Apple

Finely Crafted

Apple Liqueur Blended with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

35% ALC. By Vol. (70 Proof)

One side of the bottle reads:

Smooth Flavor

Tennessee Apple has the distinct character of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey coupled with crisp green apple for a fresh & rewarding taste.

Enjoy Chilled

Caramel Colored

The other side reads:

Jack Daniel’s Character

Lynchburg, Tenn

Classic Green Apple

Crisp & Fresh

Exceptionally Smooth

Highest Quality

The back reads:

Distilled & Bottled by Jack Daniel Distillery Lynchburg, Tenn USA

The bottle can be found at retailers everywhere, and as I understand it, is around for a while, so it shouldn’t be too hard to track down.

Release: 2019
Proof: 70
Size: 750ml
Price: $22.99


Back again for 2019 is the Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Heritage Barrel. In 2018 JD had a special release for this limited bottling, consisting of a rumored two hundred barrels, bottled in September 2018.


For 2019, Jack Daniels has once again released Heritage Barrel, this time, aging it 1 year more, and the rumors in collecting communities say that they bottled fewer barrels this year. Bottles were bottled on both 9/9/2019 and 9/10/2019, though rumors also say that there were fewer bottles bottled on the 10th.

Finding a bottle this year was difficult to say the least. I spent weeks driving to liquor stores, calling liquor stores, and looking online, to see if I could find a bottle. I got the run around at the Chesterfield Total Wine. Depending on who I asked I was told it hadn’t come yet, or that it came weeks ago and was already gone.

Lukas Liquors in Ellisville, MO came through though. They were super responsive on twitter, and super helpful when I was in the store multiple times inquiring about the bottle. They reached out via DM on twitter on Thursday, saying that the bottles had arrived and they were holding one for me! I took off at lunch and went to pick it up, not wanting to risk the bottle being sold to someone else!

The bottle itself doesn’t vary much, if at all, from the 2018 release, so we won’t bother covering all the details again, you can check out the 2018 post for those.

I ended up paying $80/each for my two bottles. Wait, what? Yeah, two bottles. Last year I only found one, and didn’t get to crack it open. This year I got two, with the idea that I’ll be tasting one of these.

Release: Fall 2019
Proof: 100
Size: 750ml

As part of Eric Church’s Double Down US Tour Jack Daniels teamed up with the country artist for a limited edition single barrel bottle. The bottle appears to be a pretty standard single barrel bottle, ours was bottled on 12/19/2018, it came with a hang metal Eric Church Chief tag with JD Limited Edition on the back of the tag (see photos below).


The bottle came with/in a somewhat custom single barrel box. The front reads with the normal single barrel select branding, but has a black silhouette of the bottle with a rendering of the Eric Church / Chief tag.

The back of the box reads:

Music and friendships were always important to Mr. Jack. That’s why we are proud to offer this limited edition Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel package celebrating our longstanding relationship with Eric Church. Not only is Eric a Friend of Jack, but he shared Jack Daniel’s spirit of community. In honor of that spirit we are making a donation in support of the “Chief Cares Fund,” a non-profit created by Eric and his wife, Katherine in 2013 to impact lives around the globe and in our own neighborhoods.

You can still find the bottle online at some retailers.

Release: 2019
Proof: 94
Size: 750ml
Price: $65+

Another Traveler's Exclusive released by Jack Daniel’s in the last couple of years is the 100 Proof Bottled in Bond. I recently acquired one with the help of an employee who travelled to Europe in September. Only one was acquired, so I haven’t had a change to taste it, but hopefully I can get another bottle some time in the future.

The bottle I got was a 1L in a box, let’s document the box first. The front of the box reads:

Jack Daniel’s

Bottled at 100 Proof

Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey

Distilled and Vigilantly Bottled in Bond at the Jack Daniel Distillery

Traveler’s Exclusive Bottled at A Hundred Proof

Both side’s of the box read “Jack Daniel”. The rear has:

Exacted Quality

Bottled in Bond

Jack Daniel’s Bottled-in-bond is a rich, bold whiskey that honors the 1890s, the time when Mr. Jack began bottling whiskey in his signature square bottle. That era also marked when the United States Government passed the bottled-in-bond act.

The bottled-in-bond designation was only awarded to whiskey aged for at least four years, distilled during a single season, crafted at only one distillery and bottled at 100 proof. These efforts, even today, assure drinkers that the whiskey is of the highest standard of quality.

DSP-TENN-1 Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA

Bonded Quality - 1 Litre - 100 Proof – 50% Vol.

As for the bottle itself. The front reads:

Jack Daniel’s

Bottled at 100 Proof

Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey

Distilled and Vigilantly Bottled in Bond at the Jack Daniel Distillery

Traveler’s Exclusive Bottled at One Hundred Proof

1.0L 50% VOL.

On the sides the bottle reads:

During the 1890s, Mr. Jack Daniel entrusted his whiskey to the now familiar square bottle to ensure its quality “Until the seal is broken.” The United States Government then followed suit by unveiling the Bottled-In-Bond Act identifying whiskey from a single distillery from a single season matured in a bonded barrelhouse and bottled at 100 Proof. This rich bold whiskey honors the spirit of both.

Distilled & Bottled By Jack Daniel Distillery Lynchburg, Tenn. USA DSP-TENN-1


The Oldest Registered Distillery

Placed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Government

1.0 L

Bottled at A Hundred Proof

Charcoal Mellowed Drop By Drop

Matured in Barrels of our own making

Every Barrel is Different Every Bottle Tastes The Same

The back reads:

Made only in Lynchburg, Tennessee U.S.A.

This is a beautiful bottle, and box, as you can see in the photo gallery here on this page. I hope at some point in the future the distillery releases the bottle to normal retail markets as well, but only time will tell.

Release: August 2018
Proof: 100
Size: 1L
Price: $38+ ]]>

As Fornite Season 10 has wrapped up, the game has disappeared into a black hole. If you use the Konami Code though, you can play a little easter egg.

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