Sunday skate

After the niece's birthday party today Natalie and I headed off to the park to skate. I took off on my own thinking that Natalie wouldn't be able to keep up. By the time I got the circle where trails merge around she was probably 2 tenths of a mile back. 24 minutes later I'm getting near the finish and someone is coming up on me so I slow down to let them pass. Well lo and behold it's my wife! She managed to keep up with me, or at least catch me, after skating for almost 5 miles. She had to push the whole time but was able to use the times when I was resting/coasting to catch up to me.

I  was impressed to say the least, considering she hasn't really skated much. I need to get more endurance, and if we keep her skating we'll have to look at getting some fitness skates like I have.