Project 240Z Update?

What's the latest on the Project 240Z? Not much! With the wedding and Holidays I haven't touched the car much since the last work I did on the parts car in October, I did get the 240Z out of the driveway, moved it to a secluded shop over in Illinois for some winter storage. I'm glad I did, otherwise it would have had a nice coating of ice and snow with the recent weather here in St. Louis.

It's currently in a warm dry building under cover as well. Once I get the parts car disassembled I'll bring the 240Z home again to work on. I hope to spend some time over the weekend and holiday next week parting out the parts car so I can bring the 240 home in January. Before I can do too much more on hte parts car I need to make some room in the garage. So if anyone knows anyone who's looking for a 73 240Z motor let me know!

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