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A great showing for the team at the July 13th 2008 event for the St. Louis Region SCCA. The car finished first on Index overall, first in SS and first in SSL, as well as a 2nd place finish in SS as well. Videos later in the week with a more detailed writeup of the events happenings.
Quick update: Got home about an hour and a half ago, 8 hour drive, the POS Ford check engine light came on again. The Corvette Z06 team filled in the top bottom two places at the Toledo ProSolo... Not much good to be said of the weekend, except I got some good spin footage to add to the White Tornado collection. I'll be working on video from last weekend and this weekend over the next few days to get all the runs posted.
I'm headed to bed, hoping for 8 hours sleep, though if I want to leave at 6am I'm not going to get it! I've got the car loaded, but still have to do a bit of packing of clothing in the morning. The Corvette should get a workout this weekend, 2 drivers in SS and 1 driver in SM2! I'll post from Toledo later this weekend.
So the Team took 9 runs today at the National Tour here in Bunker Hill Indiana. 2 out of those 9 runs were clean, the rest were DNFs and coned runs. Here's a quick overview of what I can remember Dave  Run 1 (Cones) Run 2 (Cones) Run 3 (DNF Cones) Chris Run 1 (DNF Cones) Run 2 (Cone) fast enough for 5th or 6th if clean Run 3 (Cones) Beth Run 1 (Cones) Run 2 Run 3 I am sitting in 9th, Dave in 11th, Beth in 3rd in SSL. I've reviewed my video from Run #1, and I don't see anywhere that I DNF'd the course, I did spin through the finish and hit a cone or two, but it sure doesn't look like I left the course at anytime. Right now tomorrow for Dave and I is just for fun, to see how well we can do in the car after a bad Saturday. I've got video from all the runs today, though it looks like the audio didn't record, I will have to check that out in the morning to make sure we get audio of tomorrows runs.
It might not be in my usual class but it is a ProSolo trophy nonetheless! I placed 4th in the Washington DC ProSolo this weekend in ESP. It was a fun class to run in with the positions changing quite a bit both days. Now I'm working for a week here in Baltimore then fly to Indy to rent a car and drive up to the Peru National Tour to find my Corvette and hopefully see how well I do against the top level competition that is lined up for Peru.
This morning I got up and went to the Udvar Hazy exhibit of the Smithsonian Air and Space Musuem out in Virginia. It was well worth the trip, I got to see a Space Shuttle, that had to be the coolest part. I took a couple hundred photos, I'm going through some of them this evening and should have them posted on my flickr page later. After that I headed over to Fedex Field to see how the setup for the ProSolo was going. I spotted the Purple Beast (1982 Camaro) that I will be driving on Saturday and Sunday and headed up to introduce myself to Eric, one of the owners of the car, I'm his codriver for the weekend. I walked around a bit and said hello to a few folks and then got some tickets for the practice starts. Eric took a few starts and then I took a couple to see how the car felt. To be honest, it definitely doesn't have the power that the Corvette does (one wouldn't expect that), we will see though, that might not be a bad thing. The clutch is the one thing that I think will take some getting used to, that and not having ABS. The ABS thing will be interesting based on my normal style of slamming on the brakes hard. I don't think that will be necessary on this ProSolo course here in DC. More tomorrow.
So after way too much time spent on this whole deal I believe that this paint fiasco is almost behind us. The word I got today is a check was put in the mail today, so I have Saturday morning (and afternoon and evening) slated for a full detail job on the Corvette. It will most likely take all day, but the car always loves a good rub down. I think my boss is going to come over and do the same to his Minivan, though I am sure he will give up about half way through the process realizing he's clay barring and waxing a minivan!
So here we are a week later, and the Corvette still has paint on it. I got a quote from the Lou Fusz body shop to have the paint cleaned up and the car rewaxed. I then had 4 other cars here in the parking lot do the same, as they all had paint on the vehicles. Right now the paint guy is trying to have some guy come in from out of town who will do a mass cleaning on the cars on Thursday. At this point I'm not down for this game, I would much rather have a shop I know working on my car than some random guy from Springfield Missouri touching it. I've put a call into the painting company to tell them this, and if they have a problem with it I will simply get my insurance company started on this claim. I'm pretty confident that they will cover the cost of getting the car cleaned up with the company I want to clean it, then they can deal with the painting company and that company's insurance. We'll see how this turns out, but right now I am thinking this might quickly turn into a post for The Mad Blogger to handle if things aren't taken care of.
So after heading out to Natalie's horse show today I swung by the car dealer to say hello to Trigger, the guy who sold me the Corvette. After that I came home and worked on the Corvette for 4 hours. The first thing I did was remove both rear shocks. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get them both to adjust, the adjusters were stuck, as they were when I originally got them. I made sure they were both set to full soft then I put them back on the car. I made sure to tighten everything down.
Friday when I got home from work I noticed my windshield was extremely hard to see through, and couldn't figure out why. I got out of the car in the garage but couldn't see much, though it did not feel it's normal smooth self. In the garage I couldn't see much of anything, though it appeared something was also on the paint. Fast forward through the weekend, Sunday evening same thing, windshield in the sunlight hard to see through. This morning when I head off to work I look a little more closely at the paint, and find lots of little black dots, all over the car. They've been doing work here at the office on the outside of the building, and it looks like I got a nice coat of paint all over the car, tiny little dots, almost too small to see, but if you look close enough you can see them everywhere. I'm off to the body shop here over lunch to get a quote on what it will take to fix.

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