LSCDavis2012 My primary goal for 2012 is to completed the 105 mile bike ride that is part of the LiveSTRONG Challenge in Davis California on June 24, 2012. This is my fundraising page for that.

LIVESTRONG Challenge Davis - 2012

Welcome to my fundraising page for the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Davis which was held on June 24, 2012. With the help of friends, family, and mostly the DotNetNuke community (friends) I was able to raise $4,015 for LIVESTRONG and our team, Team ITM America, raised $4,300 for the cause. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to donate, we really appreciate it.

My Story

I am riding the 100 (95.8) mile distance at the 2012 Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Davis for four special people in my life, all affected by cancer. As part of the event I have set a goal of raising $1,000 $2,500 $3,500 $4,000, I would appreciate any amount that you can donate to my cause, you can use the link on the left side of this page to DONATE NOW.

Who am I riding for?

I am riding the #LSCDavis for four people, all affected by cancer. 

My father and daughterMy father Bill was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in August 2011, he had treatment for the cancer in November 2011 and we are hopeful that it was caught early enough to be eradicated by the treatment. (Photo right with my daughter Jacqueline on her first birthday 10/9/2011)

My uncle John, married to my father's sister, has been battling cancer for a number of years now.

My auntie Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully beat the disease.

One of my best friend's mother Janice was very recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is going through the treatment process now.

These close friends and family are my motivation for doing the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Davis this year. As of January of 2012 the longest bike ride I've ever done was 30.3 miles, that was in August 2011 (this has since been surpassed). If all goes as planned, I will surpass that total multiple times this year. Please stay tuned to my training and ride results by checking out the LIVESTRONG blog posts here on my site.

Interested in riding in Davis with us? Join our team! Team ITM America by signing up (search for "ITM America")

Just remember, if you sign up to participate you are required to raise at least $250, plus the entry fee.

The more the merrier, so please feel free to sign up, even if you don't want to do the 100 mile distance.

A very big thanks to everyone who has donated to my ride, and to Team ITM America. Below you will find a list of donors for 2012. The first list is sorted with the largest donor listed on top. The second list is those who don't want to be ranked.

  1. ITM America - Team Sponsor!

  2. Will Strohl1,2,4

  3. Robert Santuci1,1,1

  4. Will Morgenweck3

  5. Bruce Chapman

  6. Clint Patterson1,4

  7. Robert Sutton (In Memory of O.L. Sutton and Honor of K.L. Sutton)

  8. Bill and Barbara Hammond*

  9. Rich Campbell

  10. Oliver Hine

  11. Dave, Beth and Sam Whitworth

  12. Ian Robinson

  13. Viet-Tam Luu

  14. Robb Brynn

  15. Lee McGrath

  16. Mitch Bishop

  17. Anonymous

  18. Rabid[QODA]

  19. Carla Russo

  20. Kraak Family

  21. Letisha Millsap

  22. Eric Duncan

  23. Lynn Collins

  24. Jess Coburn

  25. Chris Paterra

  26. Bryan Sechrist

  27. Philip Bokan

  28. Richard English

  29. Janice Rick*

  30. Sandra Kinas

  31. Matthew Ross

  32. Scott Spradlin

  33. Ernst Peter Tamminga1

  34. Kevin Dietz

  35. James Nelson

  36. Carol Shepard

  37. Carol Flynn*

  38. Michelle Baca

  39. Anthony Overkamp

  40. Andrew Singleton

  41. Mike Walsh

  42. Nesa Londer

  43. Quoc Ngo

  44. Jeff Templeton

  45. Catherine Locklin

  46. Chris Hammond1

  47. Carla Copeland

  48. Mark Allan

  49. Bernadette McCarthy

  50. Jessica Rekart

  51. Jeff Viebrock

  52. Thomas Ash

  53. Joyce Daubar

  54. Patrick Santry

  55. Brandon Haynes

  56. Amy Casey

  57. Matt Mercurio

  58. Anne Craft

  59. Astrid Storey

  60. Jacek Kozikowski

* Donor, and one of the people I am riding for.
1 multiple donations
2 The Real Will
3 NOT The Real Will 4 Dollar per mile donator

Fundraising Total

I'm asking that people who visit my website take a moment and donate to the cause! When doing so, please include your name so I can personally thank you! 

Chris Hammond is a father, husband, leader, developer and car guy. Chris has long specialized in ASP.NET and DotNetNuke development, so you will find a variety of topics here on the website. For more information check out the about me page.

If you are looking for DotNetNuke consulting please visit my business website at

Team ITM America

Interested in riding in Davis with me? Join my team! Team ITM America by signing up (search for "ITM America")

Just remember, if you sign up to participate you are required to raise at least $250, plus the entry fee which I believe is $50.

The more the merrier, so please feel free to sign up, even if you don't want to do the 100 mile distance, there are distances of 20 and 65 miles available.

Be sure to visit our team sponsor!