For the first time in over 100 years, Jack Daniel’s has released a bottle with an age statement on it. The initial release is aged 10 years, and is known as Jack Daniel’s 10 Years Old Tennessee Whiskey. This bottle was released in September 2021, with availability being extremely hard to come by. It didn’t hit stores in the eastern half of Missouri until February 2022, and was sold out quickly.


For the past few years I’ve had dreams of buying a new bicycle. I went back and forth on what to get, where to get it, etc. Last year when Canyon announced the Grizl, I knew what I was going to buy.

I was a little concerned about purchasing a direct to consumer brand, but after seeing Canyon’s support of the gravel scene last year, and getting some of their swag at Unbound, I decided I felt safe enough.


Today is my 2 year anniversary of getting my plot! I was super pumped to be nominated to be a Tennessee Squire by a fraternity brother of mine back in January 2020, and even more excited to find out that I had been accepted!


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