So here we are, it’s 2021 already and you’ve hopefully started autocrossing again. We have had the car out to one two events so far.

The first event was back on April 11th, a few days before we started writing this post (and are just now getting around to finishing). Tom S is codriving with me at most events this year, not sure how many out of town events he will be at, or heck how many out of town events I will be at.

Event 1 So event one. The weekend before the event I decided it was time to take all the rest of the vinyl off (sponsor/series decals) and with that came a load of residue and blemishes in the paint from the removal. 2 days before the event I went down to Detail Garage in Valley Park to pick up some supplies. I grabbed a Torq random orbital buffer, along with a number of other supplies so that I could try my hand at paint correction. I spent Saturday before event one paint correcting the car (all but the back of the rear end). I must say, I was totally pleased with the results. You can see a before and after of the top of the trunk on our Instagram.


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After getting the polishing done and throwing some wax on the car, I swapped the wheels/tires out for the set of brand new Falken RT660s and packed the car up to be ready to head out early in the morning.

The event went well, though the car took some cone damage to the front end. I had removed the racer’s tape that had been holding some of it together, and failed to re-apply it after all the paint correction, I made sure to correct that a few days later. I ended up taking 1st in the class, and 2nd on PAX for the event. Tom was 3rd in PAX and we welcomed a newcomer to the St. Louis region, Juan, also in SSC, into the 7th place PAX spot. Juan is down near Springfield, MO and will be joining us for to liven up the competition this year.

It wasn’t as productive an event as I would have liked, I always prefer to walk away with a PAX win, but Greer in his GT3 put almost 3/4 of a second in PAX time on me for the day.

Here’s some side by side video of my fastest run (left) and Tom’s fastest run (right).

Event 2 Prep for Event 2 only consisted of swapping tires again and the previously mentioned tape work.

Overall the event was sloppy, I had a hard time keeping clean and coned my fastest run (first corner before the start lights). Tom ended up taking the win in SSC for the event. I’ll try to get around to videos for that, not sure when I will!

Autocross Settings from 2021 Event 1 & 2 (same as 2020):

Front Swaybar: Soft setting
Rear Swaybar: Stiff Setting
Front Konis: 0.5 turn from soft
Rear Konis: 1.5 turns from soft
Front Tire Pressure: 30 psi
Rear Tire Pressure: 29 psi

The 2021 Season is off to a great start here in St. Louis, with 150+ drivers at the first event. As we shoot additional events we'll add the slideshows to this page. Visit my photography blog to see some of the shots.



So what’d you do this past weekend? Did you ride The Mid South? They shifted things up this year, went to a virtual “incredibly socially distant” version of the event.

Everyone is getting 50% of their reg fee refunded starting today. It might take a few days to deposit so be patient!
We are physically mailing out your Mid South swag bag with t-shirt, water bottle, and more to your front door! It will be there before event weekend.
If you’re signed up for the race YOU’RE IN. All you will need to do moving forward is join the Ride With GPS challenge page and upload your ride/run. You must ride/run and record your activity on one of the dates between March 12-14.
Our partner bike shops are creating 50k, 50mi, 100mi routes in their areas for many of you to be able to ride/run. Sponsors will be sending swag to each of these shops for you to win on a first come, first serve basis after you’ve completed their specific Mid South partner route.
If you don’t live in one of the partner shop areas you can upload your own course/activity from your backyard to the Ride With GPS challenge page. You will not be able to win swag from the bike shops BUT you will be entered to win from a list of GRAND prizes. We will be drawing names from the complete list of all participants that uploaded their ride/run from the event weekend on Monday March 15th. Prizes include a Salsa Stormchaser, 5 free entries to Mid South 2022, free bike shipping to and from Mid South 2022 AND a free entry to the race courtesy of Bike Flights, and our biggest prize of all the “Eternal Entry.” It lasts forever. More details soon.


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